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......@@ -199,6 +199,51 @@ The strong-config CLI supports three commands:
The available arguments and flags per command are shown with `--help`/`-h`.
## Integration with Cloud-based Key Management Services (KMS)
_Note: The following sections require familiarity with the provider-specific_
_IAMs and security models. Please make sure your keys are secured._
### [AWS KMS](
You can use the [AWS console]( or the
[AWS CLI tool]( to create and manage keys. For
this walk-through, we will use the AWS console.
#### Create an AWS KMS Key
1. Sign-in to [](
2. Navigate to _Customer managed keys_ (CMK)
3. Click _Create key_ (or select an existing key you wish to use for encryption)
4. Select _Symmetric_ as key type
5. Enter an alias and a description along with optional tags
6. Select key administrators
7. Select users and/or roles that can use the key for encryption and decryption
8. Review the key policy and click _Finish_
Now you should see the key under _Customer managed keys_.
#### Use an AWS KMS Key to encrypt your config
1. Click the key in the console to view the key details and copy the
[Amazon Resource Name (ARN)](
starting with `arn:aws:kms:...`.
2. Make sure that the current AWS credentials match the user/role you selected
in step 7. You can use `aws configure` to set _Access Key ID_ and
_Secret Access Key_ which are written to `~/.aws/credentials`.
3. Encrypt your config by running `strong-config encrypt <config> -p aws -k<arn>`
, where `<arn>` refers to the ARN of your key.
Your config is now encrypted with the AWS KMS key 💪.
#### Use an AWS KMS Key to decrypt your config
The SOPS metadata contained in encrypted config includes details of the key ARN.
Thus, we only need to make sure that the current AWS credentials represent a
user/role that is permitted to use the key for decryption.
Decrypt your config by running `strong-config decrypt <config>`.
## FAQ
1. **Can I write my configs as JSON files?**
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