Commit c6255cb2 authored by mohoff's avatar mohoff Committed by chapati

feat(example project): add dev:encrypt and dev:decrypt

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......@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@
"watch": "tsc --watch",
"clean": "rimraf build/",
"build": "tsc",
"dev:encrypt": "gpg --import --quiet example/pgp/example-keypair.pgp && sops --pgp 2E9644A658379349EFB77E895351CE7FC0AC6E94 --encrypted-suffix Secret --encrypt --in-place example/development.yaml && cat example/development.yaml",
"dev:decrypt": "sops --decrypt --in-place example/development.yaml && cat example/development.yaml",
"dev:load:commonjs": "yarn build; cross-env NODE_ENV=development time node scripts/dev/load-commonjs.js",
"dev:load:es6": "cross-env NODE_ENV=development time ts-node --transpile-only scripts/dev/load-es6.ts",
"dev:load": "yarn dev:load:es6",
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