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......@@ -59,15 +59,19 @@ leave you with a corrupted config.
## How-to
Please backup your existing configs and secrets\_
Please backup your existing configs and secrets.
1. Install `@strong-config/node` in your project
1. Install `@strong-config/node` and the SOPS binary.
npm install @strong-config/node
# or
yarn add @strong-config/node
SOPS is [available for all major systems](
If you are on Mac, you can install SOPS by running `brew install sops`.
1. Define runtime environment and create first config file
......@@ -90,7 +94,7 @@ Please backup your existing configs and secrets\_
// ES6-style import. Commonjs is supported too
import StrongConfig from '@strong-config/node'
// uses default parameters
// Decrypts and loads config
const config = new StrongConfig().load()
......@@ -150,8 +154,6 @@ Let's have a closer look.
## Schema Validation
TODO: intro and incentives to write a schema for configs
Besides writing config files, you can define a schema file which can be used
to validate your configs. The schema file must be written in JSON according to the
[`json-schema`]( standard. To get started, you can have
......@@ -164,29 +166,6 @@ the same directory as your config files (which is the default).
However, `strong-config` will work fine if you decide to not use schemas at all.
## Encryption and Decryption
- intro, incentive to encrypt configs
- supported key stores, explain why these
- explain key suffix
- link or explain cloud provider setup, e.g. KMS
## Even stronger configs with Git Hooks
- intro, incentive to use strong-config with git hooks
- provide simple setup with husky
## Use in CI
- intro, incentive to use strong-config validation in CI
- provide simple setup with Gitlab CI job written in YAML
## FAQ
1. **Can I write my configs as JSON files?**
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