Commit 39174570 authored by mohoff's avatar mohoff Committed by Richard Crosby

chore: made titles in parameter schema more concise

parent 8cdef059
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ export const parametersSchema = {
additionalProperties: false,
properties: {
runtimeEnvName: {
title: 'The name of the runtime environment variable',
title: 'Runtime environment variable name',
'The value of this variable determines which config is loaded',
......@@ -19,21 +19,21 @@ export const parametersSchema = {
pattern: '^[a-zA-Z]\\w*$',
types: {
title: 'Parameters related to types',
title: 'Type-related parameters',
'Type-related parameters controlling the generation of Typescript types for the config',
type: ['object'],
additionalProperties: false,
properties: {
rootTypeName: {
title: 'The name of the generated root type',
title: 'Root type name',
description: 'The name of the generated root type',
examples: ['Config', 'AppConfig'],
type: 'string',
pattern: '^[A-Z]\\w*$',
filePath: {
title: 'The path of the generate type file',
title: 'Path to types file',
description: 'The file that the generated types should be stored to',
examples: ['strong-config.d.ts', './types/config.ts'],
type: 'string',
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ export const parametersSchema = {
substitutionPattern: {
title: 'The substitution pattern used for replacing template strings',
title: 'Substitution pattern',
'The escaped regexp that is used to match against template strings to be replaced with their corresponding environment variable values',
examples: ['\\$\\{(\\w+)\\}', '\\$(\\w+)'],
......@@ -49,13 +49,13 @@ export const parametersSchema = {
format: 'regex',
configPath: {
title: 'The path to the config directory',
title: 'Config path',
description: 'A path to a directory that contains all config files',
examples: ['config', '../config', '/app/config/'],
type: 'string',
schemaPath: {
title: 'The path to the schema file',
title: 'Schema path',
'A path to a file that contains schema definitions for the configs',
examples: [
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