Commit 37b9ead1 authored by Philip Paetz's avatar Philip Paetz

chore: don’t run jest in verbose mode by default

parent 8da0c65b
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
"lint:markdown": "markdownlint **/*.md --ignore node_modules --ignore --ignore .gitlab",
"lint:yaml": "yamllint **/*.yaml **/*.yml --ignore=node_modules/**/*.yaml --ignore=node_modules/**/*.yml",
"release": "standard-version --message \"chore(release): %s [ci-release]\"",
"test": "jest --verbose --color",
"test": "jest --color",
"todo": "leasot '**/*.ts' --ignore 'node_modules/**/*','lib/**/*','.git/**/*' || true",
"watch": "tsc --watch",
"clean": "rimraf build/",
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