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# Default output for generated types when strongConfig.load() is called
......@@ -180,6 +180,25 @@ the same directory as your config files (which is the default).
However, `strong-config` will work fine if you decide to not use schemas at all.
## CLI
`@strong-config/node` includes a CLI tool which is available in the terminal by
running `yarn strong-config` or `strong-config` (if you installed
`@strong-config/node` globally).
A primary use-case of the CLI tool is encrypting and validating configs. For example,
when you finished developing a feature that required config changes, you would
either encrypt the changed config through a git-hook or manually via
`strong-config encrypt <args>`.
The strong-config CLI supports three commands:
- **`encrypt <config> ...`**: Encrypt a config file with the passed arguments.
- **`decrypt <config> ...`**: Decrypt a config file with the passed arguments.
- **`validate <config> <schema>`**: Validate a config file against a schema file.
The available arguments and flags per command are shown with `--help`/`-h`.
## FAQ
1. **Can I write my configs as JSON files?**
......@@ -31,11 +31,12 @@
"license": "MIT",
"scripts": {
"health": "ts-node --transpile-only scripts/healthcheck.ts",
"lint": "yarn lint:ts && yarn lint:json && yarn lint:markdown",
"lint": "yarn lint:ts && yarn lint:json && yarn lint:markdown && yarn lint:yaml",
"lint:ts": "eslint --ext [.ts] src scripts",
"lint:ts:fix": "eslint --fix --ext [.ts] src scripts",
"lint:json": "jsonlint-cli package.json src/**/*.json",
"lint:markdown": "markdownlint **/*.md --ignore node_modules --ignore --ignore .gitlab",
"lint:yaml": "yamllint **/*.yaml **/*.yml --ignore=node_modules/**/*.yaml --ignore=node_modules/**/*.yml",
"release": "standard-version --message \"chore(release): %s [ci-release]\"",
"test": "yarn dev:importkey && jest --runInBand --verbose",
"todo": "leasot '**/*.ts' --ignore 'node_modules/**/*','lib/**/*','.git/**/*' || true",
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