Commit 9f82e59e authored by Philip Paetz's avatar Philip Paetz
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fix(CI): i give up. no sourcemaps for sentry prod releases for now

parent 2e1e6bdb
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......@@ -12,16 +12,7 @@ sentry_release_production:
- node -v
- yarn global add @sentry/cli
# We need the devDependencies installed for 'yarn build' to work
- yarn
# In release pipelines, we typically don't have access to the node_modules cache nor
# build artifacts from the previous `master` pipeline so we need to re-generate it here
- yarn build
- sentry-cli releases new "$CI_COMMIT_TAG"
- sentry-cli releases files "$CI_COMMIT_TAG" upload-sourcemaps ./build
- sentry-cli releases set-commits --auto "$CI_COMMIT_TAG"
- sentry-cli releases finalize "$CI_COMMIT_TAG"
- sentry-cli releases deploys "$CI_COMMIT_TAG" new -e "$NODE_ENV"
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